17 January 2009

9 mi in 18*.

18*F and I felt fantastic --- wore UA ColdGear tights (NEW), UA ColdGear base layer (NEW), tech shirt sleeve, North Face jacket, Hot Fingers gloves, hot, gator. My hands got a little warm but I just kept the mittens on.

mile 1: 8:51
mile 2: 9:13
mile 3: 9:17
mile 4: 8:51
mile 5: 8:53
mile 6: 8:28
mile 7: 8:52
mile 8: 8:41
mile 9: 8:11 (!!)

9.05 miles in 1h 19m 43s // 08m 49s/Mi.

It happens every so often -- I realize I've gotten faster. The miles today felt fairly effortless, and I cannot believe I ran an 8:11 for mile 9.

No more of this sub 4:00 for National -- I'm going to try for a sub 3:50!

That's the good.

The bad: our pipes froze. AGAIN. The kitchen sink works and the toliet is flushing, but the hot water pipes are frozen and the drain in the tub is frozen . UGH. Thank god I have the gym... I'll just go over there and shower. And maybe get
a manicure.
And a pedicure.


  1. yay for your run. boo for frozen pipes

  2. Nice job! Frozen pipes suck. I'd also say the ipod was battery, but you never know????

    Keep it up!

    Be Brilliant.