04 January 2009

bike fit.

yesterday I headed over to the Bike Doctor in Arnold to [finally] get my bike fitted. It took about two hours [and $318, but that includes a few things for the bike] and ... well, it's a big difference!

we first talked about my goals, my upcoming races.

Steve put in a new seat post so I could sit further forward. He raised the seat, lowered the handlebars, and adjusted the areobars. he measured a few distances: shoulder to aero bar, hip to pedal. readjusted the aerobars. watched me pedal. asked how I was feeling. my shoulders hurt, so more adjustments were made.

I'm aero, baby!

then: two water bottle cages (in baby blue, to match my bike, of course) added under the seat, and my co2/ tubes bag was screwed in between those. [when you are a short person, with a short bike, space is quite limited!]

I still need help naming her, though.



  1. Can't help you with naming - I don't name things like my bike. Shrug.

    But I love the blue bottle cages in the back. Perfect match. I put some on my bike (boring black) and it's very convenient.

    Hope the bit fit is good for you. I had one recently too. Wooot!

  2. I have a small bike frame too - it can only carry 1 bottle holder that actually FITS a bottle in, so I got rear cages mounted as well.

    I named my bike Iris after a lady that lives in our area - she is very motivational, bubbly and easy going! She's an awesome woman, and the name just kind of came to me. Think of something/someone you admire and use them as your bike naming inspiration - even if it's not their name but a word that you associate with them!

    I used to think naming your bike was a bit over the top and weird, but what the heck - no harm in it and it makes it fun. We know someone who has names for all the household appliances! I haven't gone that far yet.


  3. AQUA FLAME!!!!!!

    its blue, its fast..so fast it catches fire....

  4. I hope you LOVE your fit! It makes a pretty good difference!

    As for a name, I dunno... Do you know it's a female? It looks a little like a boy. Maybe an ambiguous name: Tracy, Fran, Alex, Jo, etc...

    Good luck with the name!

  5. Name it lisie! LOL. I had a blue mustang that I named Matilda and caller her 'til for short. Or... find an ancient chinese word for good luck, or fast.

  6. I also have a small bike so got the rear cages for christmas. Still got to try and get my bottle out of them though.

    I just had my bike set up properly and could not believe the difference. (but then got a new bike two weeks later anyway). Enjoy the set up.

    Can't help with the naming. Neither of my bikes have names.

  7. Woohoo getting the proper bike fitment and new goodies on the bike over the weekend! Everything looks great on the tri-bike...kristen has the same color WSD Trek MTB...nice color :-)

  8. SWEET BIKE, names are hard to come up with, you think you have one at the shop only to rename it later. My bikes first name was "Lightning", which quickly was renamed to "Mercy" with the nicknames of "I hate you" and "stupid pain machine"