25 January 2009

19 mi + Panera.

19.00 miles in 2h 55m 13s // 09m 13s/Mi [11:35 AM]

mile 1: 9:31
mile 2: 9:27
mile 3: 9:26
mile 4: 9:27
mile 5: 9:18
mile 6: 9:18
mile 7: 9:18
mile 8: 9:23
mile 9: 9:15
mile 10: 9:13
mile 11: 9:25
mile 12: 9:16
mile 13: 8:59
mile 14: 9:07
mile 15: 9:10
mile 16: 9:11
mile 17: 8:55
mile 18: 8:57
mile 19: 8:37 (!)

It was kind of chilly today - 30*F but the wind wasn't blowing - and I was comfortable in UA tights, UA long sleeved base layer, NF jacket, thin gloves, and a hat. Actaully, at some points I was kind of chilly, alleviating the fear that I overdressed.

The trail I run on for long runs was icy + snowy at some points, but it wasn't that hard to run out. I did think I'd bite it a few times, but I stayed upright.

^^ this is a photo I found online, but it's from the trail I ran on today and v. similar to what I saw!

Audiobook is staying interesting, which is so important for me for long runs. I have about 9 hours left of this book, so I'll need to find a new book before training for National is over. Suggestions?

After my run I drove to Panera and ate - um, inhaled - lunch: + sandwhich + brownie + chocolate milk. I think I scared some patrons. Then to Ulta for BM 'warmth' and finally to DSW for brown slingbacks [gift cert that expired today].

It's kind of odd, but I would think not unusual: I'm not very hungry the day of a long run, but starving the day after. Will need to pack two lunches for tomorrow!


  1. Great job on your run. I love the photo you saw online - is that a frozen waterfall?!?!

  2. Love the pic! This is pretty cool to see. Another strong LSD finishing freakin fast!! Good stuff Trish!

  3. Great goal pushing the run today especially towards the end to turn it into a 3/1 style run...plus the yummy breakfeast and even had energy to do some DSW shoe shopping afterwards...pack those two lunches for tomorrow :-)

  4. wow...final mile..8:37...

    great job...

  5. interesting photo! You will know if you 'bit it' tomorrow if you're sore.

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