24 January 2009

go speed racer, go !

felt guilty yesterday... didn't get in my trainer workout. I can't bike on the trainer in the am before work [the trainer is really loud + the tv volume is jacked up and we live in a rowhouse] and I was planning on doing it after dinner with friends. didn't get home until 10:00 and was stuffed to the gills from dinner.

turns out that an extra rest day meant good things for my body!

I had the most fantastic run this morning. I thought the first mile was a fluke -- I was chilly and running at a decent clip to stay warm, but I held my pace nicely. My audiobook (well section 1 of Breaking Dawn, and as much as I want to download section 2 and listen to it now, I need to save it for long runs) finished with 2 miles to go, but I enjoyed listening to my foot falls for mile 8 and 9 [and check out mile 8!]. I do need to sit on the bike for 40 minutes now, but it will be an easy workout.

tomorrow: 19 miler.

9.02 miles in 1h 16m 06s // 08m 26s/Mi

mile 1: 8:19
mile 2: 8:45
mile 3: 8:40
mile 4: 8:43
mile 5: 8:20
mile 6: 8:27
mile 7: 8:22
mile 8: 8:08
mile 9: 8:13


  1. I wish I could run paces that consistently. I tend to run all over the map.

  2. you were moving very well on the run trishie.....

  3. WOW! Those are some serious fast splits! You're getting faster and faster! I'm so jealous (and happy!) lol

    You're not the first one I hear talk about loud trainer, mine is so quiet, it barely makes a noise. So happy I got that one since I am going to move back to an apt soon.